How to choose flowers

How to choose flowers


We all know that the choice of colors takes each of us a lot of time and one of the main reasons for such a long choice is the desire to give a bouquet that will not wither on the same day.

We can offer you some tips so that next time you save your time as much as possible and choose only fresh flowers.

1. Place of purchase of flowers

Pay attention to the temperature regime, the conditions for the storage of flowers. So, strong cold or heat, low humidity or vice versa dryness can greatly damage the flowers and shorten their life. Do not forget that a sharp change in climate (from the cold in the heat or vice versa) can almost immediately turn your beautiful bouquet into a wilted cactus. Order flowers with the help of the flower delivery service in Kiev. It respects all the rules of color conservation. So that you can be sure that your flowers will be the freshest and fragrant.

2. Pay attention to the water in which there are flowers

Water should be clean, without outside color and odor. If it is not, then it is likely that it is mixed with a flower dress, which prevents the withering of flowers.

3. Choose half-blown flowers with buds 

Undoubtedly, the fully blossomed flower looks beautiful, but everyone knows that it will not last long and will wither very quickly. Therefore, you should choose such bouquets, which are inherent and half-blown flowers, and buds. Such a bouquet will be able to please you for a long time.

Pay attention to how it snugly sepals to the bud - if tight, then the flower is fresh. Otherwise, be sure that you are holding a long-blown flower in your hands, in which the sellers have removed the podvyavshie petals.

4. Carefully inspect the stem and leaves

Any flower should have fleshy and elastic leaves and a stem that look fresh and have no damage. It is best to choose such flowers that have an even and straight stem, because The more bends in the stem, the more difficult it is for moisture and nutrients to reach the bud.

Remember that if a flower has been cut recently, then it should still be saturated with moisture, which means that it has elasticity. Therefore, with a slight deformation, the leaves must quickly restore their former shape. If this did not happen, then the shelf life of the flower is coming to an end. It is also obvious that the leaves should not fall off at the first touch.

5. Check flowers for diseases and insects

Stop signals when buying flowers should be the presence of white spots on the leaves, damaged leaves (gnawed or caked with ants).

6. Check the cut points and the lower leaves

After you have appreciated the appearance of the flower, be sure to pay attention to the stem and the lower leaves. If you see that they are already starting to rot, know - such a flower does not just stay for long, because it is clearly not the first freshness. Also, do not buy flowers that have dry and blackened (or yellowed) slices. This fact also indicates that the flower has long been cut and has not received the required amount of moisture for a long time.

7. Do not give your favorite flowers

The chosen flowers for a gift should first of all correspond not to your preferences, but to the preferences of the person to whom they are intended. The choice of colors and colors should correspond to the taste of the person who receives the bouquet. Your personality can manifest itself in the choice of the design of the bouquet.

8. Pay attention to the fragrance of flowers

The longer the plant has stood in the store, the weaker its natural flavor. It is considered a bad form to give such flowers that have a strong smell.

9. Drawing a bouquet

Experienced sellers know that wilted flowers can be easily hidden behind color packaging. Therefore, choose the ready-made pre bouquet very carefully. And it is better to ask the florist to collect a bouquet on your eyes, from the flowers that you choose yourself. Take advantage of delivery of bouquets across Kiev and your chic bouquet will be issued by the present masters of the business.

Do not forget that the flowers are beautiful in themselves and you should not choose bouquets with a lot of foil. The ideal option is a natural natural packaging material, or a bouquet, tied with an ordinary ribbon, which is very relevant and popular today.

We hope that our advice will help you make the right choice and give only the freshest and beautiful flowers that will please the eye for a long time!