How to keep the bouquet fresh

How to keep the bouquet fresh

Flowers enliven and refresh any festive event or family celebration. Bouquets of flowers are pleasant to receive as a sign of love and respect, for any reason or without it. To give flowers is no less exciting. To be sure that the flowers will be fresh and you will have time in the conditions of the city rhythm for the celebration at the appointed time, use the service "flower delivery in Kiev".

Regardless of where the celebration and the donation of flowers took place, sooner or later they enter the house and are placed in vases, giving any room coziness and warmth, creating harmony and spring mood, regardless of the season, filling it with fresh aromas and bringing a stream of festive air in your home.

Flowers, like people, react to the change in temperature. Therefore, it is important that your flowers receive the lowest dose of stress. If it's a cold season, let the flowers stay in the house completely wrapped up for a while, then gradually open them. In hot weather, try to put flowers in the water as quickly as possible so that they do not feel thirsty.

Flowers are a very gentle creation of nature, and although they love sunlight, try not to place them in the zone of direct sunlight. Also, avoid placing them in drafts, near air conditioners in the summer or heating devices in winter. Both will be disastrous for them.

To the bouquet was long fresh, before you put it in the vase, be sure to remove the packaging and refresh the slices of flowers. It must be done in water, so that air bubbles do not clog the capillaries and give free access to moisture to the stem. Be sure to remove all the lower leaves from the stem, and the roses and thorns. So you reduce the development of bacteria. And to increase the surface penetration of water and nutrition in the flowers, split the sections along the stems by 2-3 cm and scratch them from the outside with a needle or the point of the knife. All these procedures must also be carried out in the water. And if you want the flowers to stand longer, look after the bouquet every day, and put it in fresh water and a clean vase.

The amount of water in the vase should not be more than half, so that 10-15 cm of stems are in the water. Water can be poured from the tap. The chlorine contained in it will be used for disinfection. It is also possible to disinfect water with aspirin, charcoal, vinegar or a teaspoon of alcohol. Some advise adding a pinch of washing powder or a drop of detergent. In order to feed the flowers, add a teaspoon of sugar to the vase or use the currently available fertilizing for different types of flowers.

In particular, roses - if your flowers are depressed, place them in the cold water bath for the night, but arrange them so that the buds are on the surface. True, they can get used to "water procedures", and you have to bathe them every night. Well, if it did not help, there is only shock therapy. Remember the tale of the golden cockerel? Lower the tips of the stems (5-10 cm) for 5-7 minutes into boiling water, then quickly - into a vase of cold water with the addition of a drop of ammonia.

Yes, one more thing. Do not put flowers of different types in the same vase. It is also desirable that the fruit does not stand side by side with a bright smell - essential oils of fruit are not friends with floral aroma.

And if you follow these simple secrets, you can long enjoy the freshness of your bouquets.