How to choose houseplants

How to choose houseplants

To date, the task - to buy house plants, at first glance, one of the simplest. Now around is full of small flower shops where you will find the most popular kinds of plants, and the large shopping centers in which it is easy to find a lot of exotic things. So to choose a suitable place of purchase is not a problem, the problem is to choose the right plant that will live in your home and will please its appearance for a long period of time. We remind you that houseplants can also be purchased using the flower delivery service in Kiev.

Naturally, initially an important condition - pay attention to the appearance of your favorite houseplant and the conditions in which it is contained. Pass past those shops, where in one room there are plants that require different conditions of care.

A healthy plant has pure, elastic and sinewy leaves, a proportional and symmetrical shape. Sellers manage to hide the signs of the disease of the plant, cutting off the yellowed leaves. But such a deception is easy to notice: on the trunk there are cuttings and light traces.

Do not be ashamed to carefully consider the leaves of plants. After all, it is on them that pests are most often settled. Signs that the plant was susceptible to attack by harmful bugs are barely noticeable bright spots on the obverse side of the leaves. The same traces of damage can be seen on the reverse side of the foliage.

If you want to buy a flowering plant, choose the one on which there are buds. It makes no sense to bring home a plant with fully blossoming flowers - in a couple of days they will fall off and make you happy.

Leafy leaves in any plant indicate a lack or an excess of moisture. In that case, touch the soil - if it is dry, then the plant dies, in the reverse situation - it suffers from excess water. Anyway, this indoor plant will be difficult to "bring to life", so it is worth to abandon it.

When you choose something new for yourself, pay attention to young houseplants. Despite the erroneous opinion that you will have more problems with them, few people know the fact that adult plants are much more difficult to tolerate movement, climate change or transplantation.

Well, we hope that we have helped you at least a little to understand such a difficult matter as choosing a healthy plant. Do not forget that buying a plant is only the first step, then you are expected to get proper care and create the most comfortable conditions for your indoor plant. When doing all of the above, be sure: it will please you for many, many years.

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