How to choose a florist for a flower shop

How to choose a florist for a flower shop

What is floristics?

One of the most popular specialties for modern youth when choosing a profession is floristics. It is important to remember that this science requires not only special skills and knowledge, but also the creative potential of man, his aesthetic taste and artistic style.

Floristry is a complex science, a kind of synthesis of botany, biology and natural history. But do not forget that you can learn everything, but to be able to have an innate quality of seeing beauty and most importantly be able to create it with your own hands is not a simple matter. A florist is the calling of the soul.

What kind of profession is this "florist"?

It should be noted that in our country there are no highly qualified specialists or institutions of higher education who could train really true professionals and masters of floral business. Nevertheless, the work of the florist causes interest and addictions. You can get a garden gardener education, while knowing all the scientific names of flowers and plants, the conditions for their best keeping and growing, but at the same time not becoming a florist.

To date, finding a vacant position in this area is quite difficult, because most companies hire not always specialists with a diploma, believing that they can pick up a bouquet. But this is far from the case. This profession is very in demand in our time. With the growth of inquiries of whimsical brides while decorating a wedding bouquet and the wedding ceremony itself, the desire of men to surprise their soul mate with an unusual bouquet in the form of bears - the florist profession finds its grateful customers.

What should be a real professional florist?

It is important to choose a person who will have such qualities as neatness and diligence, because flowers require daily painstaking care. A true professional knows the names of a variety of colors, with what, and in Latin, is notified of the growth, flowering and best storage conditions of plants.

No matter how strange the following phrase seems to you, a good florist must be a little crazy. He should not be afraid to take risks, apply the maximum amount of effort to create a miracle during the night and create, for example, a wedding bouquet.

Payment for the work of florists

In order to properly organize the process of paying labor to the florists, we recommend using a widespread scheme - salary plus a percentage of sales. Do not forget that from how you can motivate your employee, your profit will directly depend.

Remember that florists are creative people. They need inspiration, on which the work of the entire flower shop or your shop depends. Therefore, you should take care and treat with understanding to such people, while not overdoing with care.

The best position for your florist is the seller

Undoubtedly, the best option for a small flower shop will be the choice of a flower seller with the formation of a florist. Such a person will be able to provide the most correct care for plants, create a unique and original bouquet in the shortest possible time, while taking into account the harmonious combination of flowers and plants, as well as the wishes of customers.

If your store already has success and managed to find its loyal customers, you probably know that one of the main orders are wedding bouquets. Each bride wants to get the most beautiful, high-quality and most important one-of-a-kind bouquet that only a real professional can create. You do not need to spend money on finding a florist, when you already have one. This saves both your time and saves your profit margins.

Remember that a good florist is a pledge of your flower business. From his skill depends on whether you will be contacted the next time by buyers who have already made a purchase in your flower shop or not.