February 14: where to buy a bouquet of flowers in Kiev?

February 14: where to buy a bouquet of flowers in Kiev?

Flowers for St. Valentine's Day in Kiev.

Flowers are an indispensable attribute of any festive event. They raise the mood for women, make them smile, enjoy life and make the world around more beautiful. If you have already chosen a gift for your beloved on February 14th, then you should take care of the bouquet of flowers, which will be an excellent addition to the main gift for Valentine's Day.

Where to buy flowers for Valentine's Day in Kiev?

Each of us at least once in his life bought flowers for the girl on February 14. In our time, flowers are not a deficit, so this process is easily solved. To date, you can buy flowers on February 14 in Kiev in the following places:

1. Flower stall under the house. This method is the easiest, common and generally accepted. Its main disadvantage is a small assortment and a high price, which the owners are forced to put up to cover the cost of rent.

2. Flower greenhouses. This method is the cheapest, but for the majority of the population inaccessible. Why? Because these greenhouses are engaged in wholesale sales of flowers from 1000 pieces. Only under such conditions the price of the goods will be very ridiculous. Of course, they can offer you a retail sale, but in this case you can win a penny. And given the location of flower greenhouses on the outskirts of the city, buying flowers in such a place is generally not profitable.

3. Order flowers at home in the flower delivery service. On the pros and cons of such an order, we'll talk further.

Order flowers in the flower delivery service in Kiev - profitable or not? 

Now we will consider the easiest and most convenient way to purchase flowers on February 14th.

Why simple? - only the Internet is needed for the purchase. The site presents a huge range of products and a lot of ready-made bouquets. This is much more practical than buying in an ordinary flower shop. After all, you see ready-made bouquets of flowers on February 14 and you do not need to invent something new.

Why convenient? - You buy flowers for Valentine's Day, sitting at home and sitting on the couch. You do not need to go anywhere and worry about anything. The courier will deliver the bouquet to the house. Also, this method allows you to congratulate your girlfriend on Valentine's Day, even if you are in another city or country. The flower delivery service will deliver the bouquet to the girl right in hand and send a photo report. Send Flowers to Kiev from Buket Land - always fast, high quality and reliable!

Why are the prices at the level of flower shops or even lower? - the whole point is that the delivery service does not have to pay for renting a room. They directly cooperate with the warehouse and take their percentage for delivery. Therefore, ordering flowers on February 14 in the flower delivery service is also more profitable than buying them in a flower stall.

Bouquet of flowers on February 14 - which one to choose?

Our flower delivery service provides a large selection of bouquets for every taste. Considering that women like huge bouquets, a beautiful gift for February 14 will be a bouquet of 101 red roses. It will not only surprise the girl with its size, but will also please you with a delicate aroma for two weeks. Our experienced florists more than once performed Valentine's Day individual orders in the form of a heart. So, if you did not find a bouquet that you like, we will gladly make it for you individually. All you need is to call us on the same phone number on the website and place an order.