Lilium - beautiful and chaste

Lilium - beautiful and chaste

The variety of legends, myths, legends, stories and just references to this flower in itself already speaks loudly about the unusual and popular lily at all times.

And the most surprising thing is that in whatever countries these legends are composed, and in what centuries of the existence of our civilization, all of them are united by a touching, almost divine attitude to this flower as an embodiment of purity, purity and reverence.

In Greek mythology - in different interpretations - the lily flowers appeared where drops of milk from the goddess Juno fell to the ground. In the Jewish legends, the lily grew in the Garden of Eden and the devil, tempting Eve, could not touch the flower and desecrate its purity and integrity. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, there is often a drawing of a lily, which denoted that hope and freedom, then the short life of life. Lily flowers were adorned in ancient Rome with statues of gods and goddesses, their foreheads and clothes. Since the lily was considered a flower of luxury and grace, it served as an ornament for the patricians and their wives, the lodges and chariots of the most revered Romans were also removed by flowers. But the greatest meaning and meaning was received by the lily in France, beginning with the pagan king Clovis, who before the battle at Tolbiac appeared an angel with a branch of a lily in his hand and announced that from now on he would make this flower his weapon and bequeathed the descendants of the Franks to honor him. The battle was won, and after that Clovis received baptism with all his family, servants and subjects. Since then, the lily has become the emblem and symbol of the royal power of France. It appears under different rulers on the royal seal, on the coat of arms, on coins, on banners - a branch of three lilies symbolized the three constant virtues of Louis the Holy: compassion and mercy justice. The Order of the White Lily was established in order to distinguish those subjects who wanted to express the highest degree of goodwill of Louis XVIII and made it the emblem of the Bourbon dynasty. Pope Paul III also distinguished the Order of the Lily special adherents of the church.

In many countries, many legends mention the lily as a symbol of grandeur, holiness, purity and nobility. And in Christian countries, the snow-white purity of the lily symbolizes purity, spirituality and innocence, therefore the Virgin Mary and the archangel Gabriel are often portrayed with a lily flower in their hands. And that is why the wedding ceremonies are given a bouquet of white lilies to emphasize the purity of thoughts and the sacredness of this event.

Nowadays this flower is grown in huge quantities in greenhouses so that we can enjoy its beauty and unusual aroma. There are already more than 10 thousand varieties of lilies and they continue to be updated, due to the growing popularity of these flowers. Lilies differ in groups of varieties (there are only nine), according to the position and form of the buds. And, of course, by their color. A variety of color buds will satisfy the most refined taste - white and purple, apricot and tender pink, yellow and scarlet, orange and peach, with a border and without it, in striped, spotted, with overflows and strokes, monochrome or bicolour! The decision to accept you, and experts from the delivery service of Kiev bouquets will help you choose the most pleasing shade for your lady.

Many species have a delicate gentle fragrance, but some emanate very strong and suffocating. Therefore, the last try not to put it in closed rooms and especially in the bedrooms. And when choosing flowers, be sure to take into account the addictions of the person for whom the bouquet is intended. And for weddings, pick up those varieties that do not exude an aroma, or cover the flowers with a transparent veil, so as not to cause unnecessary problems.

Lilies look very beautiful in bouquets. Florists make them in such a way that one or two buds in the inflorescence are exposed. Then all the others will unfold gradually and the beauty of the composition will be preserved for 7-10 days. Just contact the flower delivery service in Kiev, and a bouquet of the freshest lilies will amaze you with its beauty!