New Year floral arrangements

New Year floral arrangements

Perhaps, it is not even worth mentioning that the New Year is the most anticipated event. After all, there is something magical about this holiday. Each of us hopes that everything bad will remain in the outgoing year, and the New will bring only happiness, only luck, only love and sadness there will be no place at all!

Preparation for the New Year always requires attention to detail of the decor. After all, candles on the New Year's table, balls on the Christmas tree, New Year's lights are bright, New Year elements and they create a festive atmosphere.

And what about floral arrangements? What should they be like?

First of all, it's worth noting that New Year's compositions differ from others. For them, a certain kind of plant is selected and a few (usually three or four) dominant colors.

The traditional color scheme is red-green, golden-white, yellow.

Since the composition is timed to the new year, the basis is the needles. In such compositions always add gilded cones, nuts, artificial (often use natural) berries.

Of the accessories selected ribbons, bows, asterisks, bells, Christmas toys (but not large sizes), sequins, non-traditional New Year's beads, as well as figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Candles are also an indispensable element of decor. After all, candles create comfort and coziness. For New Year's songs it is recommended to choose golden, white or silver candles. Thus, they will look more festive.

Compulsory addition of such compositions are tapes. After all, it is the ribbons that add color to the green needles. But it's also important to choose the right colors. Most often use bright red ribbons or gold. Very beautiful in such compositions look white and golden wide ribbons. They add elegance and style.

Sequins, New Year's beads, tinsel ... well, where without them? After all, the New Year is a very bright holiday and everything should sparkle!

Winter compositions are very often sprinkled with artificial snow to create an imitation of frost, frost. Such cans can be purchased at any store where Christmas decorations are sold. It is important to note that a can of artificial snow will last you not for one year.

If the idea with artificial snow did not suit you, you can simply paint the branches with water-based paint or use white gouache. So they will become truly winter.

It is also possible to create an impression with the help of crumbs of polystyrene as if this composition fell under a snowball. Only this one definitely does not melt!

To do this, you need to rub the foam, and then just glue it on the branches. Then it will be a really snow-covered composition.

But do not forget about the main culprit of the celebration - about your Christmas tree! It should be bright and smart. To do this, use Christmas lights, beads, ribbons, shiny toys, sparkling asterisks. Not branches of your Christmas tree you can tie bows. So it will look even more festive.

In the house where there is an artificial Christmas tree, you need to put in the vase living branches of spruce or thuja. Then in your house will reign supreme perfume of the approaching New Year. But such branches also need ornaments. Choose accessories for them that will be in the same style as the decorations on the tree.

The table can be decorated not only with candles, but with a fruit composition. Mandatory among them, of course, must be mandarins. This is one of the symbols of the New Year. Choose all other fruits according to your taste preferences. Decorate such compositions with cinnamon sticks, which will be an excellent accent.