The most common mistakes men make when choosing flowers

The most common mistakes men make when choosing flowers

In our time there are only three types of men. The first type of man tries to please his beloved women as often as possible, with or without an occasion. They give them a variety of gifts, surprises and flowers. To the second type of men we will refer those who give flowers to girls only on the most significant days. Of course, it means the birthday of the second half, February 14 and March 8. The third type of stronger sex will not bother giving a bouquet of flowers to any of the above events. In order to please the lady of the heart with beautiful flowers, you can use the flower delivery service in Kiev. Give pleasant emotions to girls, they deserve it!

What would a girl gladly accept the bouquet you gave you need to know her preferences in the world of flowers. After all, most girls like roses, some exclusively chrysanthemums, and there are also lovers of only field or imported flowers. Therefore, be sure of the tastes of your beloved and only then go to the choice of bouquet. Buy roses in Kiev you can in any flower shop. But beware of shops with old assortments of goods. Flowers from such a vendor will not last very long.

Do not forget about packaging. Her choice should be treated with extreme caution and show your own taste. Packing the bouquet should not eclipse the flowers with brightness and brilliance. Its color and size should complement it and emphasize the natural beauty of flowers. Remember that most girls do not like bouquets packed in cellophane. In this case, you can confine yourself to the usual satin ribbon.

When purchasing flowers, do not forget about their odd number in the bouquet. As you remember, in Ukraine an even number of flowers has a mourning meaning. Although most countries do not know such details, they give bouquets of 4 or 6 roses.

Remember once and for all: never give your girls a carnation! Perhaps the girl will behave decently when receiving, a little smile and rejoice. But you know, in her heart she will be hurt and unpleasant. 98% of all women surveyed would not like to receive a bouquet of carnations under any pretext.

If you give a bouquet of flowers to a woman with whom you have a business relationship, then attach a business card or a card with the necessary text. If the recipient of flowers is your favorite girl, and the flowers will be an addition to the main gift, then first hand a bouquet of flowers, only then a gift.