Gift appointment of colors

Gift appointment of colors

Of course, a bouquet of flowers for today can be boldly presented in the form of a separate independent gift, or it is beneficial to complement the main present. Everyone knows that compositions from real flowers are given not only in the case of Birthday, to please the birthday or anniversary. In addition, there are many more reasons to present such beautiful and gentle creatures of our planet as flowers. In this case, it is important to know the features and purpose of a particular situation in which you are trapped. About all this and even more, you will learn from this article.

1 case: a business delegation meeting. The working relationship is of a completely different nature and requires a unique selection of even the colors of the chosen flowers in the bouquet. Florists recommend choosing such compositions, which consist of yellow or bright orange plants. The most suitable is a composition of red unblown rosebuds. It is these shades in the language of flowers that testify to a friendly and cordial meeting. Carefully refer to the choice of decor for such bouquets: it should not be too massive and weight the overall composition.

2 case: anniversary. In this case, the bouquet becomes an addition to the main gift. Here you can safely use something more prominent than a simple bouquet. It's about baskets with flowers. Such a congratulation will definitely not go unnoticed and will become very beautiful and presentable. The main thing is to decide what colors will make up your composition. Here, roses, lilacs, anthuriums and even lilies may be appropriate.

3 case: concert. Grateful audience after the concert, the play or the opera so want to congratulate your favorite artist and give him a beautiful bouquet in order to express gratitude for the given emotions and feelings. Often viewers choose bright and colorful bouquets, which is not right and appropriate in this case. Best suited bouquets, collected from the same roses, chrysanthemums or gladioli of the same shade.

4 case: engagement. One of the most sentimental and romantic events, from which radiates endless love and tenderness. It is difficult to give specific recommendations in this case. Professional florists recommend accent on the variety of light colors of flowers. Ideal in this case will be pink roses, tender orchids or white carnations. In general, everything that feels to touch is as pleasant as the love of the young.

5 case: wedding. One of the most significant events in the life of newlyweds. Guests should choose such bouquets that will look harmonious in one flower arrangement. It is recommended to take into account the age of the bride. If it's a young girl, it's worth giving small bouquets of light and delicate shades. If the future wife is over the age of 30, then choose red or bard noble colors.

We are able to come up with many more occasions, on the occasion of which you can give flowers. The simplest of them is an ordinary work day. Yes, you read it correctly! After all, you will agree, it is much more pleasant to receive a gift when you do not expect it at all. And even more fun will cause a small gift attached to such a bouquet. Remember one thing: no matter what the occasion on which you give flowers, a bouquet of fresh flowers will become relevant on any holiday and will be able to cause only favorable emotions and the most vivid feelings. It is important with what intentions and words you present this gift. Be sincere and true, and your bouquets will always be only the freshest, brightest and unforgettable! Make your loved ones happy!