Rules for the compilation of floral compositions

Rules for the compilation of floral compositions

It is difficult to imagine a person's modern life without having flowers in it. And colors in any of their manifestations: whether they are bouquets, compositions, such popular in recent times - hair ornaments or original toys of fresh flowers. Whatever the case, the fact that flowers accompany a person throughout his life remains indisputable. An immense number of paintings, poems and other works of art are dedicated to these creatures of nature. No garden can be imagined without the subtle smell of flowers, their lush color and varied form.

Every day breeders try to bring out new varieties, and at this time, flower shop shelves burst from the rampage and variety of choice of these beautiful and gentle wonders of nature. Without the presence of flowers it is difficult to imagine a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other solemn holiday.

Love for flowers pushed humanity to create a separate and independent science of creating compositions of fresh flowers. This science was called floristics. Such compositions are unique and exclusive works of art. Each flower, which is a single whole, is unique in its own way and unique in its copy.

When composing a floral composition, it is important to adhere to the 7 main rules that contribute to a qualitative result. Undoubtedly, the most important is your personal fantasy, as well as inspiration, but it is believed that these simple rules are unchanged in the work of the florist. The rules are provided by the flower delivery service in Kiev.

So, rule number 1: composition design. This is a fundamental factor in the composition of the flower composition, because it is at this stage that the florist determines the height, width and depth of the future composition.

Rule number 2: proportions. It would seem, what proportions can there be if the flower arrangement is a flight of the florist's fantasy? But still it is necessary to observe the proportions between the size of the leaves and buds of flowers, the height of the composition and the vessel in which it is located, the dimensions and arrangement of the display case, etc. With proper observance of this rule, the flower arrangement looks harmonious and natural, does not cause irritation and negative emotions.

Determine the correct proportions will help the rule of "golden section": the entire height of the future arrangement is divided into 8 parts, 5 of them - the height of the flowers, and 3 - the height of the vessel.

Rule number 3: the rhythm. This rule consists in the correct alternation of shapes, textures and colors of colors. Such a composition will look dynamic, it will be interesting to consider and peer into details.

Rule number 4: focus. Any flower arrangement must have a central point that attracts attention - a focal point. It can be small inflorescences or a flower with a large bud. The focus is not necessarily in the center of the composition, it can be its top, edge or bottom.

Rule number 5: harmony. Determine the degree of harmony of the composition is very difficult, because this parameter is a very subjective characteristic. That is why it is rather difficult to give the florist advice on how to achieve harmony when composing a flower arrangement. Real professionals work purely on their own preferences and preferences, guided by a personal sense of taste.

Rule number 6: poise. Converges with harmony, but has a narrower specialization, because determines the overall shape of the composition, or more precisely, its external stability. To achieve this effect, florists place, for example, large leaves - in the middle or bottom of the composition.

Rule number 7: the color scheme. One of the main characteristics of any flower arrangement, because this factor immediately catches your eye. Florists in choosing the right colors use a color circle: inside it, all colors are conditionally divided into 2 groups (cold and warm colors). Warm shades give the composition a vivid, colorful mood, while cold colors give a balance and a calm appearance.