Oh, Rose - the queen of all flowers!

Oh, Rose - the queen of all flowers!

The flowers of this marvelous fragrance

And the tenderness of the petals is unique

Let the words speak more eloquently,

How dear you are to me, my beloved!

There are many legends and parables about this wonderful flower. Still would! After all, the rose, according to archaeologists, already grew on Earth more than 25 million years ago! And she was always a subject of admiration and admiration. Since ancient times, images of roses on stones, metal products, on houses, on fabrics and on patrimonial arms have been preserved. It was decorated with houses and temples, petals paved the way for the winners and showered the lovers. Rose was a symbol of love and nobility, honor and valor. Knights presented the rose to the ladies as a sign of worship and faithfulness.

And, according to legend, the birthplace of the rose is Persia - "Gulistan", the country of roses, - one of the earliest and probably the most beautiful legends has reached our time from ancient India. According to this legend, it was there that the beautiful, tender and most charming woman, the goddess Lakshmi, emerged from the opening pink bud. She was still asleep when the Father of the Universe, the god Vishnu, saw a beautiful woman. He woke up and kissed her, and she became his wife. And from that moment Lakshmi was called the goddess of beauty, and the wonderful flower that gave her to the world became the symbol of the divine secret, protected by sharp spikes.

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The way of the rose from the fabulous eastern countries through the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece and Europe to the Slavic states is long and unusual. But how many wonderful varieties of roses gave this people a long journey! Red mossy, passionate burgundy, young pink, virgin white, extraordinarily attractive tea, delicate yellow, fairy-tale blue ... And we can only continue to sing the praises and add ode to this proud, noble and beautiful flower.

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