Fairy Peonies: All About Peonies

Fairy Peonies: All About Peonies

Healing properties of pions

Without any exaggeration, the peony can be called the most gentle and airy flower.

Its name was given to this flower for a reason. There is a legend about a doctor named Peon, who healed the gods and people from the wounds that they received in battles. Even in antiquity, the peony received its title as a "medicinal plant", which at the same time is surprisingly beautiful and lush.

In ancient China, the properties of this flower were so highly appreciated that over time the peony became considered a national flower of the Celestial Empire. To date, in China, the pion has been given certain magical properties. For example, the Chinese believe that the peony expels evil spirits in the house. At the same time, unmarried girls are advised to generously decorate their room with peonies, because this will help attract the narrowed.

Elegant decoration

Peony is a garden plant and becomes a wonderful ornament for any gardener! Spectacular aroma, variety of species, forms and varieties, unpretentiousness in the care and, naturally, unusual airiness and elegance makes peony a very popular garden plant. There is a huge number and variety of shades and types of peonies, which allows you to choose exactly the flower that appeals to your taste and style of your garden. Simple, half-double, double peonies become favorites of many gardeners.

It should be noted that every year in Ukraine, Europe, America, exhibitions are held, where the main accent are the peonies!

Recently, peonies have increasingly begun to be used for bouquets of brides. Indeed, it is the peonies that emphasize tenderness and fragility, add touchingness to such an exciting image of the bride. You can order a bouquet of peonies at home with the help of the flower delivery service in Kiev.

What are the favorable conditions for creating peonies?

Peonies, as noted earlier, are rather uncomfortable and unpretentious plants, but nevertheless, nevertheless, it is necessary to create certain conditions for them.

Peonies can grow well on any soil of a neutral or alkaline reaction.

In sandy soil, they can also be planted safely and in reality, in such soil the peonies begin to grow faster and even faster to blossom, but development in such soil makes them less decorative.

It is better to plant them in a soil rich in nutrients. In this case, the development of pions will be a little slower, but the period of flowering of peonies grown under such conditions differs in its color, puffiness and duration.

Also, it is worth paying special attention to the place for growing pions.

The location should be chosen sunny and spacious. But this is not in order of compulsion. Pion will be quite comfortable in the penumbra. If you decide to plant a peony in the shade, it is unlikely to blossom, and if it does, it's very bad.

Before planting flowers it is worthwhile to think about protecting them from the wind. After all, under the influence of a strong wind, the stems often fall under the weight of rather large flowers. Think about the support for pions need in advance. There are a lot of ways how to fix them.

Peculiarities of growing pions

In the first year after planting, you should not give the pion a blossom. The fact is that it will take away from him a huge amount of nutrients and many forces that are necessary for its growth and development.

After the wilting of pions, you need to cut all the flowers. Thus, the pion will not have to spend his energy on tying the seeds. Also, it will help to avoid the development of fungal diseases.

Peonies do not require special attention and are not whimsical, but follow the rules listed above and then your garden will be incredibly gentle, airy and surprisingly