Callas: strictly and elegantly

Callas: strictly and elegantly

Each flower causes certain emotions and associations. There are flowers romantic, classical, carefree, radiant. And there are pretentious flowers that can suit the people internally noble, reserved and strict and emotionally intelligent. The same as the flowers, which can be read further. Of course, this is all very conditional, but still ...

This stern flower was brought from the tropics of South Africa almost 200 years ago. And since then, in European countries, it has become very popular because of its beautiful shape and pleasant vanilla scent. This kind of pink flower was named after the well-known botanist F. Zantedeski, who discovered huge thickets of these, very impressive sizes, flowers in boggy tropical meadows. There are many more of its names - lily marsh, snake, dye, bread. But still the original name "calla" came to us from Greece - "kallos" and means "beautiful" in translation, which is very justified.

Callas: strictly and elegantly - flowers delivery
We are all used to the fact that that part of the plant, which is different in color from green leaves, is actually a flower. But in this case, nature joked with us, because what seems to us like a petal of a flower, in fact, is a covering leaf, a coverlet or a bract (collar), into which the inflorescence-cob or "candle" turns, that is, directly the flower itself same color with a very pleasant delicate smell.

There are also some interesting details. Virtually everyone imagines callas exclusively white. But they are also pink, as described above, and bright yellow - also very tall plants, and densely purple, and maroon, and orange, and even green.

The exotic beauty of the calla, the brightness of the color of the leaves and inflorescences, the variety of shades and the rather long stability in the cut (callas can stand in the vase for up to two weeks) have won this proud and noble flower a great popularity. Florists like to make bouquets of white Ethiopian callas for wedding ceremonies, decorate with leaves and flowers a variety of compositions and create truly masterpieces. And when you decide to present these magnificent flowers to your lady's heart, contact the professionals of the flower delivery service in Kiev, and your lady will be pleased with the freshness and beauty of the bouquet. And, definitely, she will appreciate your choice.