Flower Feng Shui: How to create harmony at home

Flower Feng Shui: How to create harmony at home

Sometimes going to friends on a visit, right from the threshold you can feel comfort, coziness and harmony. What is the secret?

Flowers are not just plants that bring joy and aesthetic pleasure. Flowers, first of all, are the creator of coziness in the house. But how to create it correctly? After all, putting flowers on the windowsill is half the battle! In addition, you need to know what flowers are favorable energy for you and your home.

Interesting Facts

Scientists have proven that green is favorable for humans and, being directly "next" to indoor plants and flowers, it receives a certain amount of positive emotions, and also becomes less prone to depression and depressive states.

Flowers in the world of feng shui

For starters, it is important to note that according to Feng Shui, flowers are the bearer of a certain positive energy that has beneficial effects on a person surrounded by flowers and plants.

In order to create the right energy in your home and to find the long-awaited harmony of your hearth, you need to know about the flowers a little more.

Following the teachings of Feng Shui in the house you need to keep only those flowers that stretch upward. Because such plants can activate favorable energy.

Also, the postulates of feng shui say that it is necessary to give preference to houseplants with rounded leaves.

The energy released by room flowers and plants according to the laws of feng shui, is divided into the female - "Yin" and the male energy "Yan".

The list of plants with the male energy "Jan" is as follows:

• Chlorophytum

• Asparagus

• Sanseviera

• Lemon

• Orange tree.

Plants with female energy usually include:

• Violet

• Cyclamen

• Money Tree

• Begonia

To create harmony in the house, you need to have a certain "energy balance". Therefore, when choosing a plant for your house, pick up both "male" indoor plants and "female" plants. Plants with energy "Yan" place in the living room, cabinet. In the kitchen, in the nursery you can put flowers and plants with female energy. Such flowers should not be cumbersome and large in size.

It is also important to remember several rules:

1. Dried and dried plants should not be left in the house. After all, they absorb all the favorable energy.

2. There should not be a huge number of plants in your bedroom.

3. You can not place flowers and houseplants near the bed.

The meaning of houseplants by feng shui

For the right choice of colors for your home, you need to know the interpretation of the values ​​of some colors. After all, each of them radiates different energetics, therefore, to create harmony and coziness in the house, you need to be aware of such trifles. On this, I will tell you today about some of them.


Cactus is a symbol of filling, wealth and prosperity. It is believed that cacti neutralize anger and fury. If you are a quick-tempered person, having cacti in your home is a must!


Ficus, like cactus, helps neutralize negative emotions, rage, anger and aggression. Ficuses create a favorable atmosphere in the house, bring comfort to the house.

Lemon Tree

The lemon tree is best placed in children's rooms. After all, it is this plant that activates curiosity and activity.

Money Tree

Based on the name, it immediately becomes clear that the money tree is a symbol of prosperity, wealth, prosperity. The presence of a money tree in your house will create the right and favorable energy in the material condition zone.

Myrtle tree

Myrtle tree is quite an energetically interesting plant. After all, the myrtle tree is the first assistant in creating a strong, happy family. This plant brings prosperity and love to the house.