The influence of flowers on the fate of man

The influence of flowers on the fate of man

The legal right of every person - to believe or not to believe - by virtue of this or that flower to influence the welfare of your apartment, the well-being of others, the ability to cure and bring good luck. Nevertheless, many scientists have already been able to prove the considerable influence of plants on human biological fields. Agree, it is rather difficult to ignore certain help in daily affairs and worries.

Effect of colors
For example, observe the children who first appeared on a flower clearing. Some flowers so beckon them with their appearance and aroma, while others remain unnoticed. Here it's not how the flower looks. After all, each of us from the childhood gives preference to different kinds of colors, to that which considers the most attractive and surprising among set of the others. Such an elementary test demonstrates exactly which flower is fatal for you. But do not always wear it for yourself or dry it. It is enough to recall sometimes its aroma, appearance or use extracts of smells. Even stylized ornaments or drawings on clothes - the main thing is to remember the image of your favorite flower.

Perhaps some of you in certain life situations encountered an inexplicable metamorphosis: when you try to remember your favorite flower-mascot in your head there is only the image of a rosebud of a poisonous-green hue. This is quite a normal reaction of modern man, because in our lives an important role is played out by the color scale of objects, including plants. With the development of computer technology and human capabilities, it is even possible to imagine this in reality.

It is worth noting that the symbolism of a certain type of colors can be further interpreted in absolutely the opposite opinion, than it was with the gift. So, a rose is considered to be a flower intended for a person who wants to live and is able to live for others. Poppies testify to the pragmatism of a person, his ability to consider others worse than they really are. But this is just a way to protect: "In order not to be disappointed in people, they need not be fascinated."

It is impossible to describe in one article all the characteristics of existing colors. But knowing what flower is close to you will already be enough to learn more about it on the Internet.

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