All about rose Sharon

All about rose Sharon

Roses Sharon or altyus

Rosa Sharon, in all its external features, is different from other varieties of roses, but it is for these differences that she is very fond of and highly valued by professional florists and florists. This perennial plant with velvety silky flowers can reach a height of up to 1.5 m. The shrub of the rose Sharon is literally strewn with large pale pink flowers with a wonderful intoxicating aroma. He still deserved the more common name for the althaea shrub.

As for the period of flowering, the rose Sharon gives us its fragrant flowers from the middle of summer and pleases until the end of autumn. What is noteworthy is that this shrub does not require special careful care, but you can pay attention to it, for example, as an annual soil fertilizer with various nutrients. The best area for the growth of the Sharon Rose is marshland, river floodplains, as well as steppe and forest-steppe parts of Ukraine.

Healing root of althea

To date, the reserves of the marshmallow over the territory of Ukraine are insignificant. Before the Great Patriotic War, about ten thousand tons of althea roots could be harvested here every year, but after a plentiful process of plowing and draining the humid territory of our country, as well as the rustling of the shrubbery of the coastal zone, its reserves in the vastness of our country decreased significantly.

The roots of the rose Sharon - they are the roots of the althea, are collected in early spring or late autumn and used as a very effective drug. To date, this shrub specially grown in Moldova in order to annually collect 50-60 tons of althea root and used in the manufacture of many medicines.

Althae reproduces with the help of his own seeds, vegetatively or with the help of seedlings - very rarely. Directly the process of planting occurs in the beginning of spring, when there is a physical possibility to go out into the field, or at the beginning of winter, when the emergence of shoots in the bush is impossible due to natural conditions. Harvest the roots of the rose Sharon after 2-3 years of active growth. Cleaning is done in spring or autumn. At the same time, beveled about 20-30 cm from the ground, a rose, first wilted, and then - dried under a canopy, spreading in layers up to 50 cm thick.

Application of rose Sharon

Rose Sharon was known for its healing properties as far back as the fourth century BC. This plant among doctors to this day is recognized as one of the best anti-inflammatory and expectorant drugs. Decoctions based on the root of the althea help reduce irritations from drugs and help slow the process of absorption of poisons by the human body. To date, marshmallows are prescribed for laryngitis, catarrhal conditions of the respiratory tract, as well as for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and ulcers.

The rhizome of the althea is also used as one of the components in the collections in the treatment of inflammation of the tonsils, as well as rinsing of the oral cavity.

Rose Sharon symbolizes fertility and became the national symbol of Korea, her image is placed on a coin in 1 won. These flowers seem to the inhabitants of a huge metropolis to be immortal among the lights of the night city, than they deserve the name muanghwa - an immortal flower. Rose Sharon practically does not occur among all the variety of flowers for bouquets, she is a frequent inhabitant of urban flower beds and gardens. Its main feature is not beauty, although it is inherent in this flower in full, and unique healing properties. Therefore, we recommend that everyone plant a rose Sharon in their own even small gardens, thereby creating beauty and revitalizing your site.