Window dressing

One of the most relevant, effective and fashionable ways to decorate shop windows in Kiev is currently decorating with various flower arrangements. Such a design decision helps to attract the attention of new customers to trade and service establishments, creates a festive atmosphere and, on a subconscious level, strengthens the desire to make a purchase or use the services offered.

How to decorate the window with flowers for a long time

To achieve the proper effect, the design of shop windows in Kiev is recommended to be carried out by means of stabilized plants. So called natural flowers and the accompanying decor of plant origin, which with the help of a special treatment is given the property for a long time to preserve its original appearance.

The main advantages of installations of stabilized colors are:

  • Absolute environmental friendliness, hypoallergenic, harmless to the human body.
  • Ease of transportation, storage.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Extensive selection of natural materials to create unique beautiful windows in the shops of Kiev.
  • High efficiency indicators, as fast as possible in comparison with alternative advertising and design technologies payback.

Such decorations, if they follow the recommendations for care and conditions of detention, can last for a decade or more. For this you need:

  • Maintain readings of relative humidity in the area of ​​the store in Kiev within forty percent.
  • Monthly carry out the procedure of cleaning the petals of flowers, leaves and other decorative elements from contamination. For these purposes, you can use a cold hairdryer, a vacuum cleaner, in some cases a slightly damp cloth, after which you can immediately blow in to avoid moisture penetration into the elements to be cleaned.
  • In order for floral showcases to gaze for a long time, the atmosphere and any other moisture should not be exposed to them. And in order not to fade bright natural shades, it is recommended to limit the effects of solar radiation.
  • You should also limit the possibility of tactile contact with the flower compositions of the personnel of the institution, visitors, pets due to the fragility of some elements.

Festive window dressing

If you want to beautifully decorate a shop window or any other area of ​​your establishment for a short period of time, it is recommended to use compositions of fresh flowers and plant elements for this. Especially popular is the window dressing for the New Year in Kiev, other national holidays, for a jubilee date, a landmark event.

The main feature of the New Year's window dressing in Kiev with "real" colors is the ability to quickly transform the appearance of the room, giving it a festive atmosphere. Another undoubted advantage of this design solution is the unique natural aroma, exuded by natural fresh flowers.

Technologies used in decorating showcases with flower arrangements

Professional florists, designers use a lot of spectacular variations in the design of shop windows in Kiev. One of the most popular and effective are the following:

  • Three-dimensional walls. This technology is used when it is possible to allocate a significant section of a window-case, a wall in a room and a certain volume for installation.
  • Phyto-paintings and phytopanes are quite a budget way to decorate shop windows, which requires relatively small financial, material and labor costs.
  • Decorative inserts used to decorate small surfaces, such as window slopes, arches.

One of the specializations of the metropolitan company BuketLand is the professional decoration of display windows with stabilized plants, the New Year's decoration of shops with installations of fresh flowers. If you want to cheaply and with maximum efficiency to transform the appearance of the showcase of your establishment for a long period or to any event, contact our services.