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Candy and sweets in Kiev

Candy Lyubimov 125g photoCandy Lyubimov 125g photo

87 грн

Milk chocolate Milka toffee 300g photoMilk chocolate Milka toffee 300g photo

160 грн

Milk chocolate Toblerone 100g photoMilk chocolate Toblerone 100g photo

125 грн

Chocolate Kinder photoChocolate Kinder photo

87 грн

Kinder Surprise 20g photoKinder Surprise 20g photo

62 грн

Kinder Joy 20г photoKinder Joy 20г photo

87 грн

Candy Ferrero 300g photoCandy Ferrero 300g photo

750 грн

Candy Ferrero 200g photoCandy Ferrero 200g photo

350 грн


Various delicacies are traditionally associated with holidays and special events not only in children, but also in most adults. Therefore, even a small gift will be pleasant, especially as an addition to the main gift or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Kiev offers to buy sweets very different and at affordable prices, so you should not give up the opportunity to please your near and dear ones.

To give sweets


Any sweet treats would be appropriate if you need a gift for:

  • loved one;
  • child or teenager;
  • older women;
  • colleagues.

Many men also love sweets, so they will certainly be delighted with such a gift. From the point of view there is practically no reason to restrict. If you are interested in delivering sweets, Kiev offers it at a bargain price, it will help you out on your birthday, and on March 8 or February 23. It is customary to give sweets for teacher's days and mother's days, as an apology and as a token of gratitude.

Order delivery of such delicious gifts at any time. For example, the gift will be especially useful during the morning tea or during the lunch break. The courier can arrive at a pre-arranged time, which is very convenient.

What to choose


If you need delivery of sweets, Kiev will provide an opportunity to purchase exclusive high-quality chocolate, and all the beloved and recognizable sweets of famous manufacturers. It is worth being guided by the recipient's tastes. The delicious desserts of Raffaello or Ferrero will be a win-win option, almost everyone likes them, and the beautiful packaging will look great.

Those who do not like too sweet treats will definitely like dark and bitter chocolate. For sweets, huge chocolates will be the most pleasant surprise: their impressive size, unusual fillings and beautiful packaging will create a festive mood.

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