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Vases for flowers - city Kiev

Glass vase Koopman, 40 cm photoGlass vase Koopman, 40 cm photo

420 грн

Vase Pasabahce Flora, 30 cm photoVase Pasabahce Flora, 30 cm photo

460 грн

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Beautiful flowers require a decent design. And this is not only a matter of aesthetics. In the right tank, live plants will stay much longer, retain their freshness, filling the house with pleasant aromas. Therefore, a beautiful and practical vase is a great gift that will always be relevant and useful. Kiev offers flower vases in a large assortment, however, in the process of choosing and buying, you should follow a few simple rules.

Beauty and practicality

If you want to buy a vase, Kiev will give you the opportunity to find everything from the simplest plastic design to luxury crystal. However, both of these options are often unacceptable as a gift. The correct decision will be the choice of the classical form and simple, but the highest quality performance. Such a product will be comfortable, durable and at the same time fit into any interior, if:

  • made of transparent glass;
  • has thick walls;
  • made in a simple form with a stable base.

This solution fits both a fashionable loft and a classic interior. In addition, Kiev offers to buy such glass vases at very competitive prices. Transparent material will emphasize the beauty of the colors themselves.

Professional designers, even florists, often emphasize that every flower and bouquet needs to be properly decorated. For example, it is wrong to put orchid branches and peonies in identical vases. At the same time, a wide vase in the shape of a cylinder, for example, looks equally stylish with any filling. And this is the beauty of such a gift: its recipient can always use it for its intended purpose and more than once will remember with gratitude the donor.

Types of vases

Those who need a vase, buy Kiev will offer a variety of options. The main varieties include:

  • desktop;
  • floor standing;
  • flower;
  • interior.

When you need a floor vase, Kiev will give you the opportunity to buy both flower and interior, there are very few restrictions in terms of choice. At the same time, it should be understood that the floor version will require a lot of space for accommodation, which is not in every home. In the presence of small children and active pets, the gift will also not long delight its new owner.

Much more practical desktop flower vases. If you wish, you can simply put them in the closet where they will not be visible, and then, if necessary, easily reach them and place them on a small coffee table and on a shelf.

The right gift

To buy a flower vase Kiev gives you the opportunity to literally take a couple of hours, you will not have to search for a long time When planning to make such a gift, you should consider some aspects of etiquette. Firstly, it is not customary to give large items, with the exception of such special holidays as a wedding or anniversary.

Kiev offers flower vases in a variety of designs, so you can find a good option for a presentation to a colleague, and for a gift to your boss. This is the best choice for a small sign of attention in honor of a personal jubilee, on the occasion of a housewarming party. It is especially appropriate to give a vase to a young girl. There is a reason to put flowers there, but at the same time it is far from always that such a necessary item is already in the apartment or in the house. Another advantage of this surprise is its affordable price: a practical and high-quality glass vase with a discreet design is not too expensive.

Traditionally, vases are not presented as empty gifts, almost every nation has similar signs and beliefs. In addition, the recipient may have a logical question about what gift to fill. Therefore, it is better to present a new piece of interior immediately complete with a beautiful bouquet.