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Flowers in thanks in Kiev

SaleHeart with Ecuadorian roses "Juliet" photoHeart with Ecuadorian roses "Juliet" photo

1375 грн 1975 грн

199 white roses in a hat box photo199 white roses in a hat box photo

5008 грн

HitBox with flowers and macaroons "Grace" photoBox with flowers and macaroons "Grace" photo

675 грн

Box with flowers «Annette» photoBox with flowers «Annette» photo

725 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Lily" photoBouquet of flowers "Lily" photo

910 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Fabiano" photoBouquet of flowers "Fabiano" photo

1259 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Milano" photoBouquet of flowers "Milano" photo

1108 грн


Nothing expresses sincere gratitude better than a carefully selected bouquet, delivered at the most convenient time by a polite courier. The language of flowers can say a lot, but simply a bright and beautiful combination will be pleasant to the recipient.

If such a bouquet is intended to a colleague, you can opt for roses: neutral white or bright orange. A universal and a win-win solution will be a bouquet of irises. It will appeal to both men and women. You can thank a loved one with a unique bouquet of small roses spray. A great option - flowers in a hat box. They are fresh for a long time, it is convenient to carry them, and the gift itself looks especially presentable in such a design.

Often, you need to express gratitude to a person with whom you can not meet in person. In this case, the delivery of flowers BuketLand will still allow you to do something pleasant without wasting time, effort and money. It is possible to order a courier's departure both in the early morning and late evening, and even during the working lunch. Therefore, for the donor, the possibilities are literally unlimited.