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Flowers for the anniversary of Kiev:

Sale101 tulip mix (3 colors) photo101 tulip mix (3 colors) photo

2188 грн 2738 грн

Sale51 tulip mix (2 colors) photo51 tulip mix (2 colors) photo

1288 грн 1488 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Sherwood" photoBouquet of flowers "Sherwood" photo

1260 грн

SaleBouquet of flowers "Bright emotions" photoBouquet of flowers "Bright emotions" photo

1925 грн 2225 грн

Sale101 rose mix red and white 50 cm photo101 rose mix red and white 50 cm photo

2541 грн 2891 грн

Sale51 rose mix red-white 50 cm photo51 rose mix red-white 50 cm photo

1381 грн 1581 грн

151 rose mix red and white 60 cm photo151 rose mix red and white 60 cm photo

4145 грн

101 red rose 50 cm photo101 red rose 50 cm photo

2641 грн

101 white rose 50 cm photo101 white rose 50 cm photo

2439 грн

51 red rose 60 cm photo51 red rose 60 cm photo

1845 грн

101 red rose 60 cm photo101 red rose 60 cm photo

3445 грн

151 white rose 60 cm photo151 white rose 60 cm photo

3841 грн

101 white rose 60 cm photo101 white rose 60 cm photo

3041 грн

51 white rose 60 cm photo51 white rose 60 cm photo

1641 грн

Sale19 pink peonies photo19 pink peonies photo

3325 грн 3725 грн


Finding a reason for a beautiful bouquet is not difficult, especially since you should think about the colors for the second half on such a wonderful day as an anniversary. They must be special, because such a gift will express feelings, show them.

Tenderness, sympathy, high sincere feelings can be emphasized by choosing peonies, lilies, white roses. Passion, deep love in the best way will give red roses and bright pink flowers. If the anniversary of a young couple, you should pay attention to the composition with hydrangeas, roses spray. Sometimes there is the problem of choosing and finding something new. When roses, chrysanthemums and lilies have already become boring, you should pay attention to bouquets of ranunculus, orchids and even bamboo. You can easily find such flowers in Kiev: BuketLand experts will make a bouquet with all the wishes.

Many women, like men, are waiting for a surprise on the anniversary. It is not difficult to arrange it: it is enough to order a courier's departure in the early morning or at the height of the working day, late in the evening or to the beginning of a romantic date. Affordable cost of such a service - another reason to be sure to organize such a surprise.

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