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Not always “sorry” is enough to restore a good relationship. The correct choice of a bouquet in this case is at least half the success. The language of flowers can express regret for misconduct much more eloquently. Bouquets on this occasion should be gentle and at the same time really luxurious. For example, 101 large Ecuadorian roses can melt the heart of any girl and woman. Modest and restrained white roses or lilac irises soften even a resolute man, bright chrysanthemums will be most welcome when you need to ask for forgiveness from a friend or colleague.

Not everyone can find the strength to apologize personally, and sometimes distances between cities and even countries prevent them from doing so. Flowers delivery to Kiev - an elegant solution to the problem. The composition of fresh flowers, which amaze not only with their appearance, but also with their smell, will be delivered by courier strictly at the specified time. Such care will be surely appreciated by the addressee.