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Bouquet for a young mother in Kiev

Sale101 rose mix red and white 50 cm photo101 rose mix red and white 50 cm photo

1649 грн 2030 грн

Sale51 rose mix red-white 50 cm photo51 rose mix red-white 50 cm photo

939 грн 1345 грн

151 rose mix red and white 60 cm photo151 rose mix red and white 60 cm photo

3159 грн

101 red rose 50 cm photo101 red rose 50 cm photo

1390 грн 2331 грн

101 white rose 50 cm photo101 white rose 50 cm photo

1833 грн

51 red rose 60 cm photo51 red rose 60 cm photo

1284 грн

101 red rose 60 cm photo101 red rose 60 cm photo

2334 грн

151 white rose 60 cm photo151 white rose 60 cm photo

3235 грн

101 white rose 60 cm photo101 white rose 60 cm photo

2435 грн

51 white rose 60 cm photo51 white rose 60 cm photo

1335 грн

51 pink rose 80 cm photo51 pink rose 80 cm photo

1793 грн

51 white rose 80 cm photo51 white rose 80 cm photo

1792 грн

51 red rose 80 cm photo51 red rose 80 cm photo

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101 red rose 1 meter photo101 red rose 1 meter photo

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101 white rose 70 cm photo101 white rose 70 cm photo

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Birth of a child

The birth of a child is one of the most joyful and memorable moments in the life of every person and any family. Traditionally, a mom is presented with a bouquet of flowers, and not only relatives, but also friends. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is enough to follow simple rules.

A gift bouquet on the occasion of the birth of a child should not contain strongly smelling buds. The best choice is roses, they are liked by almost everyone and are perfect for both the young mother of the boy and the newly-made parents of the girl. Such an event must be remembered, so you should choose a bouquet with a large number of flowers. To make it lush, but not too heavy, you can stop the choice on bush roses, miniature tulips with bright greens, eustomas. A new father should look at the luxurious compositions of 101 or 201 roses with long stems.

Not everyone can come to the statement, in addition, many guests can be tiring for the mother and child. Therefore, flower delivery will be the best alternative to personal bouquet delivery. Do not worry that the courier will wake the baby, the bouquet will arrive exactly at the agreed time, so the surprise will definitely be successful.