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Flowers as condolences to the city Kiev

Sale11 mix roses red-white 50 cm photo11 mix roses red-white 50 cm photo

409 грн 559 грн

Sale25 mix roses red-white 50 cm photo25 mix roses red-white 50 cm photo

664 грн 814 грн

Sale11 red roses 50 cm photo11 red roses 50 cm photo

424 грн 574 грн

Sale21 red rose 50 cm photo21 red rose 50 cm photo

614 грн 764 грн

Sale21 white rose 50 cm photo21 white rose 50 cm photo

551 грн 701 грн

Sale11 white roses 50 cm photo11 white roses 50 cm photo

391 грн 541 грн

Sale31 red rose 60 cm photo31 red rose 60 cm photo

916 грн 1066 грн

Sale11 red roses 60 cm photo11 red roses 60 cm photo

446 грн 596 грн

Sale15 red roses 60 cm photo15 red roses 60 cm photo

490 грн 640 грн

Sale21 red rose 60 cm photo21 red rose 60 cm photo

656 грн 806 грн

Sale25 red roses 60 cm photo25 red roses 60 cm photo

700 грн 850 грн

Sale21 white rose 60 cm photo21 white rose 60 cm photo

635 грн 785 грн

Sale15 white rose 60 cm photo15 white rose 60 cm photo

475 грн 625 грн

Sale11 white roses 60 cm photo11 white roses 60 cm photo

435 грн 585 грн

Sale25 red roses 50 cm photo25 red roses 50 cm photo

650 грн 800 грн


The tradition to present bouquets as condolences goes back several centuries. But in order for such a composition to be truly appropriate, it must be chosen on the basis of certain criteria. BuketLand offers a variety of options that are suitable for such cases.

Classical performance - maroon or white roses. Large bouquets are not presented as condolences, therefore it is better to opt for a composition with the number of colors from 10 to 40. Corresponds to the occasion of lilies and calla. They are used both as part of mono-bouquets, and as a basis for complex combinations. Addition can serve as a sunflower, chrysanthemum, orchid. The design should also be given close attention: boxes of black or white, thick paper of restrained tones or satin of summer will work best.

Delivery of flowers to Kiev will help to solve organizational issues. If there is no opportunity to be present in person, you just want to support a person, you need to bring a bouquet to a certain place and at the appointed time, courier services will be the best option.

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