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Support in a difficult moment in Kiev

Sale1 hydrangea in assortment photo1 hydrangea in assortment photo

490 грн 600 грн

Bouquet of 21 roses mix "Beloved" photoBouquet of 21 roses mix "Beloved" photo

1030 грн 1165 грн

Bouquet from the florist "Friend" photoBouquet from the florist "Friend" photo

655 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Kiss" photoBouquet of flowers "Kiss" photo

1035 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Prima donna" photoBouquet of flowers "Prima donna" photo

1906 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Spring" photoBouquet of flowers "Spring" photo

646 грн

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Get well

During periods of illness, the support of loved ones is especially important, getting a beautiful bouquet is pleasant, even in difficult times. Such compositions must be truly special. Bright and rich colors, pleasant aromas will surely lift your spirits. Delicate camomiles, chrysanthemums of various shades, alstroemeria with their unusual petals are perfect for the composition. The classic version is a gift in the form of a bouquet of tulips. Their neutral smell, neat buds are perfect for a gift to a person who is treated in any institution. Simple and concise packaging in the form of craft paper or a single-color box will be a stylish and appropriate solution.

Pre-organized flower delivery will allow you to please a person constantly, because you do not need to go to the clinic or to the sick home on your own. Arrival by courier is possible at any convenient time, which is important. Flowers, even the most unusual and delicate, will be delivered safe and sound.