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Bouquets of 51 Roses

51 Roses Miss Piggy photo51 Roses Miss Piggy photo
51 Roses Miss Piggy

1640 грн

51 roses Aqua photo51 roses Aqua photo
51 roses Aqua

1742 грн

51 roses Jumilia photo51 roses Jumilia photo
51 roses Jumilia

1742 грн

51 roses Peach Avalanche photo51 roses Peach Avalanche photo
51 roses Peach Avalanche

2099 грн

51 shrub rose mix 60 cm photo51 shrub rose mix 60 cm photo
51 shrub rose mix 60 cm

3320 грн

51 rose mix 50 cm photo51 rose mix 50 cm photo
51 rose mix 50 cm

1645 грн

Sale51 rose mix red-white 50 cm photo51 rose mix red-white 50 cm photo
51 rose mix red-white 50 cm

1127 грн 1627 грн

51 red rose 60 cm photo51 red rose 60 cm photo
51 red rose 60 cm

1692 грн

51 white rose 60 cm photo51 white rose 60 cm photo
51 white rose 60 cm

1692 грн

51 pink rose 80 cm photo51 pink rose 80 cm photo
51 pink rose 80 cm

2150 грн

51 white rose 80 cm photo51 white rose 80 cm photo
51 white rose 80 cm

2100 грн

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Bouquets of 51 roses

What could be more luxurious than a bouquet of roses? Only the bouquet with a large number of flowers. Fragrant, beautiful and noble - they will become a real gift for any person. Especially if the bouquet contains 51 roses, which are associated with interesting traditions.

When is it appropriate to order 51 roses

Number 51 has an unusual meaning in numerology. As a rule, it is divided into components: 5 and 1, and each number has its own symbolism. So, the “five” is freedom, progress, activity, inner strength. "One" symbolizes inner strength, the desire to win and achieve goals. And in total, the figure "six" is obtained, the patroness of which is the goddess Venus.

When is it most appropriate to give such a symbolic bouquet of roses? The best option would be an anniversary - 50 years. Moreover, you can give such a beautiful bouquet to both a man and a woman.

In addition, you can order 51 roses for another reason:

  • for engagement, wedding celebration, March 8;
  • as a sign of respect and reverence for creative merits;
  • as a gift to a loved one;
  • as a way to express your feelings, care and appreciation;
  • as a gesture of apology for some offense.

How to choose a bouquet of 51 roses: the meaning of color

Like any other flowers, roses can be safely called "talking". That is why, when choosing a bouquet of these beautiful flowers, you must remember that they have a hidden meaning.

White roses traditionally symbolize purity and sincerity. That is why it is customary to give them to a bride or a young girl. It is appropriate if a bouquet of flowers containing 51 roses is presented by a young man to his chosen one, this will demonstrate the seriousness of his intentions. But for women of age it is better not to give white buds, since such a gift can be perceived as a reason to emphasize the departed youth.

A bouquet of 51 red roses is one of the most versatile options. And although they are traditionally associated with passion and love, you can give a bouquet of scarlet roses to anyone. Anniversary, birthday, special occasion, engagement - beautiful roses in red, pomegranate, scarlet or wine are the perfect choice.

A bouquet of yellow buds is traditionally associated with betrayal and separation, so many donors prefer to avoid this color. Meanwhile, if we talk about yellow roses, then they will be quite appropriate as a gift for a colleague, director, as well as people who are not the other half of the donor. Yellow itself is a shade of the sun and spring, so such a bouquet of roses looks fresh and solemn, it will help to give a good mood and become a kind of symbol of success and well-being.

If a man is determined to give such a bouquet to his beloved, it is recommended to dilute the dominant yellow shade with other colors: red, white or purple. Flowers of orange or peach color will perfectly fit into the composition.

Pink roses are a neutral option as they symbolize loyalty, respect, friendship, and sympathy. A beautiful bouquet of 51 pink roses can be presented to your beloved, beloved mother, sister, and colleague on the occasion of the celebration. A lush pink bouquet will be an appropriate gift for a mother who recently gave birth to a baby. Fresh roses will evoke positive emotions and give a festive mood.

Unusual shades of blue, black, purple are not a choice for everyone. Often, a bouquet of 51 roses of an unusual color is able to appreciate creative and extraordinary natures. They keep up with the times, are not afraid of experiments and new impressions, so such a luxurious present will be their joy.

51 roses with delivery: convenient, fast, simple and inexpensive

If you want to buy roses at an affordable price, we suggest that you contact the BuketLand specialists who deliver fresh flowers. You do not have to go shopping in search of a suitable bouquet, because in the catalog you can find 51 roses for every taste. Harmonious color combinations, as well as monochromatic bouquets, where only one shade prevails, will be an excellent choice for a celebration or a special occasion.

You can order 51 roses in Kiev easily, quickly and profitably, indicate the address and delivery date and at the appointed time the courier will hand you or the hero of the occasion a luxurious and fresh bouquet.