Flower decoration machines

Luxury wedding procession invariably attracts everyone's attention, which explains the desire of the newlyweds to decorate their cars in an original way. With all the variety of decorating artificial materials, it is becoming more and more difficult to come up with something unlike the one already made by someone. The task is complicated in large cities and the capital, where a dozen couples come together almost at the same time to register a marriage, because designers need to find which wedding decorations to a car Kiev has not yet seen.

Choose a unique decor from fresh cut flowers

Only nature is capable of creating infinitely many different specimens of beauty. Order the decor of flowers, cereals, greenery - this is the best decoration, living plants will give a delicate and romantic look to the car, which corresponds to a wedding celebration.

Florists will make a decoration on a car for a wedding in Kiev from fresh flowers:

  • roses;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • orchids;
  • habitual or exotic plants.

Living material requires a special relationship, because the order is desirable to do in advance - the timing of production and delivery can be clarified with the managers.

Wedding floristry uses materials that do not damage the car, the decor is fixed on the radiator grille, on the handles, hood, roof - today it is possible to realize the most unexpected creative ideas so that the design of the car with flowers for the wedding Kiev was surprised and also remained not only in the memory of guests, but and the photo in the wedding album. The warmth on the street opens up unlimited possibilities for choosing cut flowers, the compositions of them easily withstand the wedding day without loss of freshness and attractiveness. For any weather (bad weather) we will pick up the rental of jewelry on the car. Kiev is beautiful both in winter and in summer, because the newlyweds can rush around in a chic wedding procession around the city without regard for the season.

How florists make decorations on the car Kiev?

With all the tenderness and vulnerability, living plants are successfully used in wedding decoration, which should “hold out” all day and evening until the celebration ends. Extend the life of cut flowers with all sorts of materials that protect them from fast wilt. Look at our website, what kind of flower decoration for weddings Kiev offers newlyweds. Noble look on the hood and grille composition of selected in shape and shade of flowers. The stems of living plants are fixed on a special wet basis (oasis). Florists use glue, which does not harm the stems, but reliably attaches them to the base, so you can feel confident, as a professionally made decoration of the car for the wedding Kiev will allow you to drive through the whole without spilling it.

In order for your decoration of cars for the wedding Kiev to be recognized as the most beautiful and original, order a professional design of the car with flowers. Specialists will help you choose a decor by color and by the theme of the wedding - flower arrangements successfully make up the plants of the shade chosen by the newlyweds. Traditional decorations for the car Kiev are perfectly combined with fresh flowers: rings, beads, bows, cords, plaits, ribbons, toys. Florists will weave a garland or half-wreath, will make compositions using fresh flowers:

  • in the form of cones;
  • round;
  • square;
  • in the form of hearts;
  • will make any original designs.

All materials are fastened on the frames of the floral wire, so as not to damage the surface of the car.

If you like any photo decor on the pages of our site, find out whether there is a rental of jewelry for a car. Kiev is one of the cities where this service is available for most thematic products.